istockedit1 300x189 Audio/VideoMost of the time first appearances are unfortunately what separate a successful business transaction and a mediocre or failed business transaction. Audio and Video can boost the presence of a company or organization significantly if properly installed and maintained. The key is to have the right amount of sound, the perfect size screen, placed in the right space in accordance to the audience that is viewing or hearing the media you are playing. Too much can scare people away, too little can give a bad impression, while the right amount can improve the atmosphere of any space.

Audio / Video Installations are performed at any scale, in your home, office, conference room, car, club / bar or outdoor event.

Your needs are kept a priority as we aim to make sure you are completely satisfied. We always keep your budget in mind, your technological needs, the ambient light settings, the acoustic properties of the room and the amount of people viewing or listening to your media. Every situation is unique as there are a multitude of variables that determine the final outcome, and this is precisely why Liquid String provides unique solutions that suit your needs.

This is a list of services that are most performed:

istockedit 300x225 Audio/VideoAudio / video consultations
Speaker rentals
Speaker set up
Speaker installations and repair
Amplifier installations and repair
Stage set up
Conference room set up
Multi-room multi-source audio / video installations
Individual room volume and source controls
Tv wall mounts
Projection screens

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