iStock 000011133121XSmall 300x199 I.T. ServicesLiquid String provides a wide range of professional I.T. Services. The goal is always to provide complete solutions and staff training in order to set the client free from daily tech calls.

Full onsite support, remote support and maintenance is provided as required all year round. The work that is completed will be explained and broken down so you understand the steps that we take to complete the task at hand.

The I.T. Services that are provided are:

Staff Training (in office or via email or phone)
Network Installation
Network Administration and Security (in office or remotely)
Wire Pulling / Cable Work
Database Administration and Installation
Web Design
Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting ( PC hardware, Network Hardware)
Software Installation and Troubleshooting
Backup and Recovery Services
Diagnostics Services

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Liquid String also takes pride in providing custom solutions where the clients needs will be thoroughly assessed and a solution is provided to suit the requested requirements. Custom solutions are very rewarding as there is a lot of interaction with the client and it engages creative thinking.These solutions leave the client knowing that their needs have been met.

Custom solutions does always mean complicated solutions. Simple is always the key to any solution provided. The client is not tied down to Liquid String once a solution has been engaged. The goal is to set your company free from daily tech calls and the shackles of a needlessly complicated solution.


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