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iStock 000012630522XSmall 300x199 SecuritySecurity  systems are a necessary part of todays business model. As necessary as they are, they need to be powerful, as well as easy to use in order to get benefits out of any security system.

The first and most important benefit security systems add to any property is that it will deter the majority of unwanted activity. The second is that it will clear up misunderstandings, which can easily be resolved by reviewing specific recordings. The third is that it can aid in solving crime by giving precious clues, like description of a suspect and time of arrival or departure. Security systems are a great tool but they can be an even more powerful tool when used in conjunction with great security guard services (First Security Protection Services). The fusion of security systems and security guards can provide a level of safety and comfort that will keep residents/customers/clients/visitors happy and eagerly awaiting to visit you again.

The security services that are provided are as fallows:

Surveillance Systems (Indoor / Outdoor Cameras, Custom DVRs, Standalone DVRs, CCTV, Lenses, Housings)
Alarm Systems ( Glass Brake Sensors, Motion Sensors, Alarm Panels, MagLocks, Door Contacts)
Intercoms / Phone Entry Systems
Wiring Pulling / Cable Work

iStock 000005679834XSmall 300x200 SecurityQuality is always stressed, but it must be understood. There are several factors that refer to quality (The fallowing are
strictly referring to Surveillance systems, but may apply to other situation as well) (All the factors will be thoroughly explained on demand in order to establish the trust and knowledge necessary to complete any task) :

- The quality of the camera and lens
- The quality of the viewing monitor
- The quality of the security system ( the brand name is not always an indication )
- The quality of the picture (resolution, frames per second, digital, analogue)
- Warranty
- PC Based or Standalone
- Integration possibilities with existing or new alarm system

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