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iStock 000009728148Small 300x268 SupportSupport is the most important part of any successful business, hence striving to please clients has become a priority at Liquid String. Providing clear and reliable answers has become usual practice during day to day operations. A simple process is detailed below that we no longer have to struggle with, because of the continued practice we have had with this model.

The fallowing are the types of support offered:

Phone Support
In Office Support
Home Support
Remote Support

The first and most important step is to LISTEN. Taking the time to listen thoroughly before making any rash judgments or coming up with conclusions will ensure that the problem will be solved.

The second step is to ASK PROBING QUESTIONS that may untangle any loose information that may have been forgotten or underestimated.

The third step is to INVESTIGATE the problem, taking a fine tooth comb through all the information that was given, combining it with the expertise gathered throughout the years.

The fourth step is to come up with POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS.

The fifth step is to ANALYZE the potential solutions and pick the best one, well knowing this may not solve the problem entirely. Often when analyzing a problem, there are more than one possible factors that are hindering the normal flow of operations, while only one is stopping the flow.

The sixth step is to CHECK if the solution applied was successful. If it was not successful the fifth step must be completed again.

iStock 000015278853XSmall 300x199 SupportThe seventh step is to OPTIMIZE. Is the problem resolved? Is there more than one problem? Does the client want all problems fixed? Depending on the circumstances the whole process may have to be started again.

The final step would be to provide an explanation entailing the work that was done to reach COMPLETION.

Phone support and remote support may not always be as detailed as this particular step list as server based modifications will only take place.

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